Though "Broadband" is becoming more widespread it may be some time before all of your web visitors have it. Thus it is important to design websites that, while visually pleasing and interesting, are not of such complexity that the visitor gets bored and goes elsewhere.

It is generally considered that one should aim for your home page to download in 8 seconds. Or, at least, have enough items of interest on the page in this time to keep the visitor on the page until the rest arrives.

If search engines are to be a significant part of the traffic generation then it is necessary to ensure that the Business name, web site name, and primary key words are near the top of the page in text that can be "spidered".

A common myth is that search engine leads are inferior to traditional media leads. This is the opposite of reality. People who find your web site by searching for products and services on search engines are in "action" mode and ready to buy. Search engine traffic to a web site is qualified because users initiate the search with a purpose, making these leads targeted and more valuable than those from the "broadcast advertising" methods used by traditional media.

Useful information on web site design can be obtained through "SitePro News"

Reliable and cost effective web hosting of your company is critical to your business.

We can host your web site and all its accompanying data files on Windows or Unix servers in Telehouse Europe. Telehouse is known within the Internet Industry as the Central European Hub.

We charge annually for hosting depending on the size of your web site. The first package will accommodate up to 40Mb of files which is perfectly sufficient for probably 300 web pages, or fewer pages, a searchable database and many images.

Our hosting includes full on-line graphical statistics allowing you to see, for instance, how many visitors you have, what browser/system they are using and which pages are most popular. More on web site statistics

It is important that the site is available for your visitors and as well as providing this we can set up monitoring of your site like this

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