Page accessibility is an important consideration. Legally it has been required since 1999.

We endeavour to make your web site accessible to all the visitors you might have.

People using browsers with Java and Flash disabled, which is common in commercial systems where security is an issue, often cannot see important information and may just leave the site without the benefit of your message.

People with visual impairments may be using screen readers or text only browsers, and there are many small adjustments that can be made to increase their enjoyment of your web pages. It is important to ensure that if your visitor views the site with larger than normal fonts the text reflows and remains readable. Click here for a demonstration.

One of these is to ensure that punctuation is correctly used and full stops are placed so that a screen reader does not read, for instance, the words on the navigation buttons, all in one continuous string.

Another common error is not to label frames, so that a text based browser would just see.

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